Monday, December 20, 2010



"I the Lord do not change."
Malachi 3:6, NIV

It is often remarked that British people seem to enjoy talking about the weather. Maybe it is because our weather is so unpredictable, unlike that of many other countries. I remember people laughing when my wife and I were visiting Canada a while ago, because we carried raincoats when the sun was shining. Our response was “well it might rain”, much to the amusement of our Canadian friends.

However we do have something to talk about in the UK as I write. We have had unprecedented amounts of snow before Christmas, temperatures way below freezing, and yesterday in between snow and hail-storms we had thunder and lightening! In the midst of all this we have seen blue skies and bright shining starry heavens. Our temperate climate is definitely changeable, and our weather patterns appear to be changing.

What a blessing that our God doesn’t change. He is so consistent in His nature and resulting actions; if we sin He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins. There is no ‘maybe’ in that Bible statement. His love endures forever, unconditionally to those who fear Him. His wrath against unrighteousness is however also unchanging, and only dealt with by the ‘propitiating’ work of Jesus on the Cross.

Lots there to talk about actually. Unlike our conversations about the weather – “it might change”, our conversations about God can be in direct contrast. There is no chance that He might change His mind. No need for extra help from other sources in case God lets us down, we don’t need to carry a spiritual extra umbrella. God’s grace is sufficient for us, we are told.

So when conversation turns to the state of the weather in the UK at this time (which for those of you in far off hot places may seem unlikely!), or even the state of your monotonous sunshine, if that is your experience, remember you can always talk about the God who doesn’t change, and thank God He doesn’t!

Prayer: Thank You Father God that You are utterly reliable, and that unlike the UK weather You never change in Your response to us when we come to You seeking Your mercy and grace. Please give us the boldness to talk with others about You when they are complaining about their changeable and unpredictable circumstances. Amen.

Today's Writer : John Berry John Berry is Team Pastor and part of the Leadership Team at Ellel Glyndley Manor, with his wife Jennie, having previously been in Baptist church ministry for over 30 years. His heart is for the equipping of the church for its ministry, and he sees the healing and deliverance ministry of Ellel as an essential part of this. John has travelled widely in the course of his work, and enjoys being a grandfather 6 times over!

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