Monday, November 22, 2010



"As the deer pants for the water brooks, so pants my soul for You, O God."
Psalm 42:1, NKJV

As I watched the Transformation videos, I realised why it was God moved in certain areas where revival was experienced. It was the desire of those who wanted to see change in the lives of people and even whole nations! I believe that this desire is what triggered people to come to a place of repentance and seeking God.

In Africa we have antelopes, which are the same as deer. They run fast in hot and dry grasslands. You can see the way they pant when they need water. The desperation leads them to find streams of water where they quench their thirst.

Unless I thirst I`m not really desperate for a glass of water! The same concept applies to us in our Christian lives. Unless we thirst for the presence of God we can`t really get desperate for the outpouring of His spirit.

Sometimes we get a little complacent and feel self satisfied. But this isn`t what God wants. He wants us to long for Him, to look to Him every day for a new filling, a new revelation and a refreshing of His presence.

Elisha was called to a widow who was a prophet`s wife. After her husband died she was left with a big debt. She had nothing to pay the debt and her debtors were demanding that she pay with her sons. It was a desperate situation for her. If she gave her sons, she could have been left with nothing. Elisha asked her for empty jars and she had to pour the little oil she had into the jars. The oil only stopped when there were no more jars.

We need to make room in our hearts for God`s presence, because we get the same measure we thirst for, or we have made room for. How do we create more room in our hearts? By cleansing ourselves of any unclean thing, and forgiving others who have wronged us. We should keep our hearts clean and clear for Him to move and have a place in us.

Also we need to spend time in His presence. I once asked myself what occupied my time? What do I feed myself with? In our busy technology-oriented society, we might find ourselves stuck in front of the computer screen or the TV, glued to our favourite novel or busy on the phone. There are a lot of things fighting for our attention and time. This can be a great hindrance to spending time in His presence.

Is your heart panting for the Lord? Is there anything that has stolen the longing to be in His presence? What do you feed on? As you ask yourself these questions, seek to draw near to Him more and more.

Prayer: Lord, thank You for Your salvation. I acknowledge that I need You every single day and moment of my life. Help me to take out the ungodly things that I have allowed to occupy my heart, and cleanse me. Indwell me with Your Holy Spirit and give me a thirst for You. Thank You for lavishing Your love on me. Amen.

Today's Writer : Joan Rono Joan Rono was on the young people’s team in the year 2008-2009. She is now working as a Youth Pastor at Ellel Grange, UK. She worked in full time ministry in her church in Kenya before she joined the YPT last year, in obedience to God’s call in her life. She has a passion to see the young people walk in purity and holiness.

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