Tuesday, November 10, 2009

God’s Secret Garden

God’s Secret Garden

A garden enclosed is my sister, my spouse. A spring shut up. A fountain sealed.

Song of Solomon 4:12, LB
A secret garden is so exciting, where there is a hidden spring ready to be uncovered or a beautiful fountain ready to be revealed and wonderful fruit to be gathered.

Our Beloved Saviour longs to be invited into the garden of our hearts – His secret garden.
He loves the fruit He’s nurtured in our hearts and wants to enjoy the good things He’s grown in our lives. Just like those of you who are experienced gardeners, He likes to look for the blossoms and the buds of the new fruit He’s pruned and tended. He likes to enjoy the things He’s restored in us, walking and talking with us, as He did with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.

Sometimes the Lord says, ‘Open to Me, My Beloved sister – brother. I want to drink from the well of your love that I have filled. I want to taste the fruit I’ve grown in you. I want to experience the fragrance of your worship. I want to enjoy your presence and share a meal with you’.

Jesus was always sharing a meal with people. It was when He was sharing supper, in the breaking of the bread, with the two disciples He met on the road to Emmaus that they recognised He was the risen Lord. It was while He was preparing breakfast on the sea shore for Peter that Jesus restored the failure in Peter’s life. Jesus knocks on the door of His Church asking to be invited in to share a meal (Revelation 3:20). Many of us want to know what Jesus can do for us, not realising that Jesus wants to enjoy spending time with us!

My life must be Christ’s broken bread, my love his outpoured wine, a cup o’er-filled, a table spread beneath His name and sign, that other souls, refreshed and fed, may taste His life through mine.

Albert Osborne

Prayer: Yes, Lord, I open myself to You. I want to share in a meal with You and to recognise Your wonderful presence in my life. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.
Today's Writer : Pam Smith Pam Smith has a background in art and nursing, has a son and two daughters and a 'ministry to grandchildren.' She has been a friend and helper of Ellel Ministries since l992, and is involved with Healing Through Creativity Courses. As writer of the Shepherd Love Series, she has a passion for the comfort and encouragement that leads people towards enjoying abundant Life in Jesus.

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