Sunday, June 26, 2011



"Where were you when I laid the foundations of the earth?"
Job 38:4, NIV

On a recent visit to a local historical site, we were told that the foundations of the building we were in were set below sea level and the walls that surrounded us were over 1 metre thick. The building was completed over 200 years ago, and was beautifully crafted with curved brickwork and vaulted ceilings and archways. The building was constructed as a defence tower, one of almost one hundred spread along the south coast to protect the land from invaders coming by sea. The towers are called Martello Towers and there are several near us here at Glyndley Manor. The building has not moved or leaked since its initial construction, a tribute to its designers and builders.

We have been remarking recently in the Seeds of the Kingdom, just how amazing the world is, and how wonderful our Creator God is who could call such a complex world into being. Psalm 8 indeed contrasts the awesomeness of the universe with the apparent smallness of mankind, only to remind us that God considers us to be greater than all he has made. The foundations of the world are small when compared to the great foundational qualities of man.

We are made in the image of God – the universe is not said to be so. We are given the capacity to love and be loved, not so the earth. We are intended for glory, not for eventual dissolution. We are personally redeemed through the precious blood of the Son of God, so different from the general restoration of the created order.

All this exists in every human being, however hidden it may be to the casual observer, and should give us hope when confronted with even the most difficult people. How often we question God’s wisdom when we deny others such foundational potential. As God challenged Job regarding his own assessment of God’s creative abilities, so maybe we are to reflect on our tendency to know better than God when it comes to our regard for others?

Prayer: Thank You, Heavenly Father, for making us in such a wonderful way, with so much of Your character in our foundations. Help us to regard other people as having that amazing potential within them, rather than dismissing them through our judgements of their shortcomings. Amen.

Today's Writer : John Berry John Berry is Team Pastor and part of the Leadership Team at Ellel Glyndley Manor, with his wife Jennie, having previously been in Baptist church ministry for over 30 years. His heart is for the equipping of the church for its ministry, and he sees the healing and deliverance ministry of Ellel as an essential part of this. John has travelled widely in the course of his work, and enjoys being a grandfather 6 times over!

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